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Budweiser si berea artizanala

Americanii de la Budweiser au rulat aseara la SuperBowl o reclama “anti-bere artizanala”.

Trebuie sa recunosc ca e destul de buna, dar pe langa faptul ca e o reclama buna, e si un pic ipocrita.

AB-Inbev, compania care detine Budweiser cumpara fabrici de bere artizanala pe banda rulanta. Fenomenul ii depaseste si li s-a facut frica.

In fine, se descurca, ei. Important e sa avem bere buna in frigidere. Hai, noroc!

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  1. Reclama e ipocrita din alt punct de vedere> Recent Bud au cumparat o companie foarte importanta din categoria Craft Brewing (bere artizanala), Goose Island din Chicago. Voi chiar ati scris zilele trecute despre una din berile lor (Goose Island) si anume , Matilda. Asta e trend-ul. In Europa Heineken au cumparat anul trecut Afflingem. Si aici am amintit doar doua cazuri de notorietate.

  2. Apropos de lupta macro/micro sau main stream/craft. O noua lovitura: Newcastle Brown Ale. Ce-am crezut ca era si…ce e de fapt. Pe scurt si pe romaneste jaws on the floor.
    Iata de ce:

    A spokesman for Heineken confirmed: “We are in the process of changing our recipe for Newcastle Brown Ale and it will no longer include caramel colouring.

    “We will now achieve the distinctive colouring and flavour of Newcastle Brown Ale, that our consumers enjoy, by using roasted malts instead.”

    This is pretty amazing–and revealing. I thought caramel coloring went out with leisure suits. I heard rumors that various companies would turn their regular lagers into “dark lagers” with judicious use of caramel color, but those were crude times when people thought “dark lager” was something impossibly exotic. That Newcastle, presumably to shave a few pennies off the bottom line, has been using it well into the new millennium–well, just spectacular.

    So to recap: made cheaply of filler ingredients? Check. Hid where it was made while still trading on the reputation of the old location? Check. Owned by a foreign company? Check. And finally, keeps the truth safely hidden away behind a massive ad campaign? Check and check.

    You want an authentically crap beer where the cost of production is scrimped on to make way for the cost of sales? You could hardly do better than Newcastle Brown.

    Articolul complet aici:

  3. Singura bere Budweiser care conteaza e cea ceheasca. Asta americana e posirca. Si cehii de la Budweiser inca sunt pe picioarele lor, nu au fost cumparati de nimeni.

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